I live in Hanover PA, home of the Snack Food Industry, but originally from Carroll County Md. I have been enjoying photography in some shape or form since the 1970's. I started wedding photography in 1982 and switched to digital format in 2006. When I am not on my full time Job, I am carrying a camera, playing percussion in a community marching band or helping a volunteer fire department.

In the fall, you can find me photographing marching bands for Jolesch Enterprises. My past work has always been focused: "On Location", regardless of the type: Portrait/Group Collages, Special Events, Travel, Landscapes, etc as I have no formal studio (or the overhead of a building). 

As I prepare to retire from my primary career in Information Technology, I look to focus on travel photography particularly around old Steam Trains and National Parks.  Maybe you will see something you would like on your wall of your home or office.

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